Frequently asked questions


No, UniRentals does not inspect properties. For private rental accommodation we strongly recommend that you inspect the property yourself to assess its suitability before entering into an agreement with the accommodation provider.

For international students who are unable to inspect properties ahead of their arrival in Australia, we recommend booking purpose built student accommodation to begin with.

Yes. Please use the Flatmates section of our site to create a flatmate profile and search for other students who are looking for shared housing.

You will need to register as a student to see full information for listings. In order to register you will need to show that you are either a current or prospective student at a university. This can be done by using a student email address or uploading supporting documents to prove you have an offer at an Australian university.

Rent is usually paid per week for private rental arrangements, but sometimes you might be asked to pay by fortnight or by month. You should be given a copy of the agreement stating how much the rent is and how often it is to be paid before you pay anything, including paying a holding deposit. There is some more info about rent payments on the RTA website. You may also find it helpful to read the RTA's guide for students starting a tenancy.

You will need to make arrangements for the move in date yourself by contacting the person who has listed the room or property. This may involve some negotiation with the accommodation provider to find an arrangement that suits you both.

You can start making enquiries using the "Send message..." button on an accommodation listing. We suggest starting by introducing yourself and telling the provider which date you are hoping to move in by. The provider should let you know fairly quickly whether or not that date is going to be possible.

See also: The RTA's guide to renting for students.


The highest demand for student accommodation is at the beginning of each semester in March and August each year. Students will usually start looking for accommodation a few months prior to this. There will be students looking for accommodation outside these busy periods, but not as many.

We usually aim to approve listings within 48 hours but it may take longer, especially for first time advertisers.

Yes you do, unless you decide not to collect a bond. Please see the our help page on lodging bond for more info.

Yes you do, except for short term leases less than 42 days. Please see our page on written agreements for more info.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the results of your listing, please contact us to arrange a full refund of the amount you paid.