Terms and conditions for students

StudyStays currently does not inspect listings provided on this service. It is the responsibility of the student to inspect the property. Any negotiations entered into are at the discretion of the student and accommodation provider.

StudyStays does not claim responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of information so provided. Each student must make his or her own enquiries and satisfy himself or herself as to the integrity of the accommodation provider and whether the condition of accommodation is appropriate. We strongly advise that all accommodation should be inspected prior to the payment of any monies or the signing of any documents. We also strongly advise students to ensure that a written agreement is set up and signed by both parties and that they receive receipts for any payments done.

StudyStays does not recommend students and no recourse shall be had to StudyStays by students in respect of any claim arising out of the accommodation arrangement.

For advice on renting, please view the RTA website (QLD).