Why should students register for UniRentals?

  • Access more options. Other sites try to funnel you towards expensive purpose built student accommodation. There are more affordable options available that can offer a better living experience.
  • Unlike UQ's official website, we allow prospective students to register.
  • Your tuition fees are already high, so why spend a fortune on accommodation? Living near campus or near easy public transport to campus means you can save even more.
  • Finding affordable housing is an issue for 14-19% of students at Australian universities and a major factor related to student drop-outs (source: National Tertiary Student Wellbeing Survey 2016). UniRentals can help you find a place to live that fits within your budget, so you can focus on studying and worry less about your living arrangements.
  • Cramped apartments in multi-story apartment blocks are not for everyone, especially domestic students and international students who want an authentic Australian experience. UniRentals features many comfortable share house arrangements and more comfortable private accommodation.
  • Find a house you like but it's out of your budget? Use our flatmate finder to team up with other students and rent a share house together.
  • Unlike sites like Gumtree, we take more care to ensure that listings are suitable for students and that accommodation providers are upstanding. We take action when issues arise with landlords to make sure these landlords don't remain on our system. We actively and automatically monitor for scams and take quick action.